Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White' Sequel?

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Kristen Stewart just announced that there will most likely be a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel.
This is a HUGE deal. For those of you have don’t follow the careers of the Twilight stars as closely as you should be, let me catch you up to speed so we can all gasp collectively.

Kristen Stewart starred in Snow White and cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with the married director of the film, Rupert Sanders. If there is a sequel, this would reunite the two cheaters! Do you understand how serious this is!!?!? Do you understand how this will affect Rob's fragile little actor's heart!
Here’s what KStew said about a possibility of a Snow White reunion:
“Maybe. No one’s positive, but there’s a strong possibility,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. 
That same publication alleged that Kristen had already been fired from the flick, but a source told Hollyscoopthat Kristen was never dropped from the film, so any decisions on a sequel had yet to be decided.
There was some talk that the new Snow White sequel would focus on Chris Hemsworth as the Hunstman.
Twihards, are you concerned about KStew being reunited with Rupert on a possible sequel!? Will this ruin everything for her and RPatz!?

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