Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chris Brown: I'm Not Dating Rihanna

The Rihanna-Chris Brown reunion freight train hit a brick wall today. 
The former hip-hop couple has been going to town, shooting down rumors that they have gotten back together. Friday’s newest installment comes in the form of an extended Breezy interview. 

The discussion took place during a radio interview with Power 106 FM’s segment, Big Boy’s Neighborhood
“You and Rihanna… Are y’all back together?” asked Big Boy, starting the interview off bluntly. 
“No,” said Brown, just as short. “That’s quick… Quick answer.”
After what seemed like the sneaking around and hush-hush encounters, Brown was surprisingly an open book, willing to discuss the darker sides of his personal life.
“You know, me and her have history,” said Brown. “Me and her are always going to be best of friends.”
Despite all the rumors to the contrary, Chris explained that he and Rihanna are only working on building their friendship with no benefits attached. That, he explained, is a feat on its own with the media’s consistent interest and presence in their public and sometimes private lives.
“It doesn’t become your situation anymore,” explained Brown. “Everybody feels so attached about this old situation.”
The headline-grabbing “situation” that he’s referring to, of course, is his physical attack on Rihanna en route to the 2009 Grammys.
Brown’s interview takes place after Rihanna also confirmed with Bravo’s Andy Cohen that the couple is not—in fact—a couple.
“No. Not together,” were Rihanna’s exact words. 
Brown’s appearance on 101FM only seemed to echo RiRi’s attitude.
“I’m not trying to rush anything, put any rings on anybody’s fingers, or lie to anybody,” he said.

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