Friday, January 18, 2013


63 Dodge 426 cubic inch Max Wedge.
When I was a kid there was a black 63 in my town, a guy named Red B. owned it. Later in the late 70s I went to work and met a guy who built the trans and differentials for a Corvette race car sponsored by a local Chevy dealer. When this guy found out where I was from, he asked me if I knew of the black 63 Dodge. He told me they raced on the highway and the Dodge, a street driven car, blew them away, when it slowed at top end they figured it was geared tight so they went by him, then the Dodge blew past again.
I, now, hang with a guy who actually built the motor for the black 63 later on, he says his back still hurts from putting the crankshaft in the block. He said “no wonder you can’t hurt the bottom ends on them things, the cranks weighs a ton”.

63 Dodge 426 cubic inch Max Wedge.

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