Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jennifer Aniston Knows Her Way Around a Stripper Pole

Now, I’m no “Friends” expert, but I’m pretty sure this little trivia fact didn’t come up in the 10 seasons of air…
Jennifer Aniston is super good at working a stripper pole—excuse me, at “pole dancing.” This, according to herWe’re the Millers’ costar.

E! News is reporting that Emma Roberts, who shares the screen with the 43-year-old stunner in the pot-dealing comedy directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, was pretty impressed by Jen’s pole moves. 
“She's really good,” said Roberts. “I saw bits and pieces of it and she is amazing.”
The actress apparently debuts those “really good” moves in a scene from the movie. Even Emma—who to the best of our knowledge is heterosexual, but that may have changed after seeing her costar get over-friendly with her naughty beam—couldn’t help but gush over Jennifer’s abilities.
“[She's] like a 20,” Roberts said, claiming a 1 to 10 scale couldn’t contain the film’s awesome. “It was unreal! She looks really hot.”
Other than seeing Jen tap into her sexy side, the film promises to be a gut-splitting romp about a pot-dealing entrepreneur (SNL’s Jason Sudeikis), who teams up with Aniston and Roberts’ characters, pretending to be a family in order to make an international drug deal happen. 
If you recall, this is the same movie that Aniston was snapped throwing a (pot) baby on set for cameras earlier this summer…
“It's more the chaos that ensues on such a ridiculous adventure,” said Roberts. “Four people, pretending to be a family to smuggle across the border is pretty funny on its own, so the stuff that goes wrong is only funny.”
In addition to being a super hot, super talented pole dancer, Roberts describes Aniston as an “amazing comedic actress.”

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