Saturday, November 3, 2012

Psy's Canadian Takeover

It’s only a matter of time before K-pop phenomenon Psy assumes control over the world as the next superpower.

His Youtube-trumping video “Gangnam Style,” which is so popular that you can’t even find the original in a sea of reproductions and gag-inducing parodies, has blasted the artist into household name status.  But, based on some new reports, Psy’s level of success might be getting a little out of hand.
The artist’s reach has slithered its way across American borders, where he made an appearance on a Canadian television show New.Music.Live.
In true “meta” form, host Lauren Toyota taught Psy to do the dance of another Internet sensation, Doug E. Fresh. During the segment he put his own caffeinated spin on the “dougie.”
Meanwhile, across the pond in London, babies are starting to fall victim to the 34-year-old bowtie-wearing rapper’s mind control tactics.
Benjamin, aka “Baby Gangnam Style,” refuses to eat his vegetables unles Psy’s video is playing, which the family describes as having a “hypnotic effect” over the fussy child.
“I had tried all different kinds of techniques to get him to eat his vegetables without fussing, including mixing yoghurt and fruit in, and playing Sesame Street videos,” Benjamin’s father explains on a website dedicated to the toddler's influenced brain. “But none of them were nearly as effect as ‘Gangnam Style.’”
Psy’s next target? Justin Bieber…
“He [Justin] is on tour right now and I’m literally on the promotional tour as well,” he told Toyota. “But if he’s done and I’m done we’re going to do some work."
If true, a JB-Psy collaboration would result in immediate world domination. I fear for baby appetites everywhere.

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