Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Celebrities Before They Were Famous

Sometimes I forget that celebrities once started out as non-famous people. Blue Ivy Carter and Suri Cruise may be the only “famous from birth” individuals I can think of, but the rest of Hollywood has terrible high-school photos, bad haircuts, and vintage kid pics JUST LIKE US.

Here are 10 celebrities before they were famous:
That’s Kate Hudson looking nearly unrecognizable. Actually, in this photo she looks like an old Goldie Hawn. And by “old” I mean, the way she looks now. And no, that’s not mean, because they are family.
This is Steven Tyler in high-school, back when he believed in haircuts. C’mon you can recognize those lips anywhere!
This is George Clooney in his High-School photo and dayyyum, if he wasn’t a good looking kid. George already had that mega-watt movie star smile BEFORE he was famous.
This is singer Pink back when her name was still Alecia, If you can imagine her without the flowing blonde hair, she almost looks like Pink. The scowl is the only thing pre-famous Pink has in common with herself.
This is Nicole Kidman back when her face could still show emotion. Is that a frown? I never knew she was capable of one. Except for her signature red hair she’s nearly unrecognizable!
Here’s J.Lo with a missing tooth and some bangs. You know, J.Lo should consider rocking bangs again, it suits her. Is it crazy that young J.Lo looks EXACTLY the same?
Tom Cruise posing for some high-school sports team and he’s VERY serious about it. Clearly this was long before scientology slapped a silly permanent smile on his face.
Brad Pitt looks pretty much just like himself in this High-School photo. He was definitely prom king. So dreamy.
Proof that Christina Aguilera isn’t a natural blonde, HAH! Here’s Christina pre skin-tight dresses and scary clown make-up.
So she DOES smile! Katie Holmes seen here wearing a hat with her face painted. This was long before she was kidnapped by Tom Cruise.

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